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iiDS™ provides services and components deep into the IIoT tech stack

Deep dive into what, IIoT?

What is the industrial internet of things (IIoT)?

It starts with uniquely designed device sensors that provide real-time diagnostics at critical components on a manufacturing processing line. So yes, there is that concept of machinery. Still, the IIoT connected edge device provides smarts for that machine to communicate what is going on internally and externally. Based on that, the real-time data improves the operational business logic to impact critical decision-making.

Sensors tell the story because of vibrations, heavy use, 24/7 production, disparate facility conditions such as high temperatures, rigorous equipment run-time requirements. So basically, IIoT data gives proactive and real-time information to make better decisions that can prevent production stoppage, delays which save money.

Sensors and actuators monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data using internal and external communications infrastructure.

What is the upside?

  • Industrial and manufacturing quality control, supply chain logistics, tracking, and efficiency.
  • Operational planning and sourcing - IT asset management (ITAM), what equipment, computer, device, etc. is at the end of life-cycle?
  • Integrated predictive maintenance (PdM), real-time data generated from IIoT systems to predict when a machine will need to be serviced and mitigates work stoppage.
  • These edge devices provide business automation systems data from the source, directly from the machines, and attached to the network.

iiDevice Security Apparatus

What can the iiDevice security team do to protect your facility from the protocol pirates of the digital sea?

Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and year to year, valuable data is stolen because of a security breach resulting from exploiting an access point of a well-used piece of code or an inherent part of an application.

Device specific communication protocols are based on the rules or standards that define-syntax, semantics, and data synchronization between disparate communications systems. Protocols can be implemented by hardware, software, or both. So again, device network security comes to the fore. For instance, has the proper hardware and software been installed and firmware maintained? This diligence is a critical part of IIoT security as we use more and more devices over the network infrastructure.

The iiDevice tech team implements and updates security apparatus and works to future proof security for our clients.

A cautionary tale: SCADA Security flaws - CISA Warns of High-Severity Flaws in Schneider and GE Digital's SCADA Software


What did one edge device say to the other? “I am present, available, and accounted for.”

The iiDS™ tech team works with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software that provides the capacity for real-time monitoring via a human-machine interface (HMI) that interacts with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or remote terminal units (RTUs). These Controllers communicate with integrated sensors attached to physical plant operations that share data across integrated industrial devices critical to the production flow and operational efficiency and help support immediate diagnostic decisions resulting from the device data.

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The iiDS™ proprietary Technical Assessment Device Algorithm (TADA) in conjunction with SCADA systems evaluates production requirements and helps surface the weak links in the operational device network infrastructure. This comprehensive approach helps minimize production downtime and network inefficiencies by identifying the current or potential systems roadblocks and removing them, which leads to higher productivity and larger return on investment.

Industrial Process Real-time Video

Collaborative visualization with live video gives industrial process management real-time access to their facility's ever-changing operational condition. They can see what is going on right now.

iiDS™ uses hybrid systems that manage live stream video data with strategic AI-enabled IIoT devices that manipulate concurrent video streams on a secure network that can access, share and annotate. Before implementing this industrial media experience, our iiDS™ team documents all workflow expectations associated with a collaborative media network.

Questions that need to be answered such as:

  • What are the current log-jams in the workflow?
  • Who needs instant access to operational video streams?
  • Is there a troubleshooting video feed that needs to be maintained?

These, along with other device-driven process data-gathering techniques, that are a part of the iiDevice™ proprietary TADA™ system, which takes a forensic approach that helps improve process engineering, achieve improved business initiatives, identify integration hot spots, and improve management decisions.

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